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About Us

Jack (JC) McDougall owner and builder of the business has been in the coin-op carwash business for over 30 years. He's one of the oldest known names in the business.  He got involved in individual coin carwashes from the onset.

When you have an idea that you want to have a coin-op carwash, we sit down with you and set you on the path needed, from looking over your original plans to working along side the builder. This ensures that by the time the building is finished, the equipment we build is ready to install. We work along with the plumber, electrician and gas fitter. We are the last to leave you and when we are finished, you are up and running, washing cars and being your own boss. It is your business we are creating. The profits from here on in go directly to you.

We manufacture and/or supply and install most everything from floor heat pipe to the pumping unit, to the trigger gun out in the bay.  We supply and install all hoses and booms.  We will assist you in choices of optional equipment from triple foam system, tire cleaner, pre-soak and R/O (spot-free rinse). We supply the Bill Changer and any vacuums, shampoo machine, air machine or vending machines.  

After you are established, we are still around.  We carry a large inventory of parts to keep you running and optional equipment to add to your already flourishing business. It's our goal to make your Coin-op the best one around. If you equipment is working well, your customers will keep depositing their coins in your coin box.

Todd McDougall
Sales Service and Installation